Blog Friday 13th March 2009

Oooooooooo, 13th ……. on a Friday, the world is going to end, arrghh ……. get a life!

This blog returns me to my old ways, this is a 100% off the bat blog about things that are bothering me or praising me up in life and what not, yeh … what not!

iPhone Event Next Tuesday
If your a current iPhone or 1st gen iPhone user, or even an iPod touch-er, or just a guy interested in tech, you’ll be interested to know that on next Tuesday Apple will host a special event, this time for the iPhone. The event is rumoured to be mainly based on the new iPhone Software 3.0, as you know the current version is 2.2.1, I’m pausing my blog to check that is true ….. yes it is. Ironicly something which no one believes me for, is that I got software version 2.2.2 and had it for a week and the bugs were incredible, nothing but bugs, and guess what, next time I synced I was reverted to the older 2.2.1 which today is still the same version, maybe I was secretly beta testing for Apple, who knows.
In light of this event and what happens on any few weeks, months, sometimes even years before an Apple event are the rumours, WoooOOoooo! There’s a rumour going round that in May O2 will be selling 100% free iPhone 3Gs in set for the new ones coming out! The reason why I don’t believe this rumour is that, the closest month to May is June and that is set for WWDC 2009 which is all set for an “all Mac” day, meaning the release of Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard, plus the whole free iPhones, seriously you wouldn’t be able to even look at the O2 shop if that was true.
Rumours for the 3.0 software, soon we’ll be able to see if any of this is true or utter bollocks. Copy and paste, MMS and err note taking is all thats been mentioned. Personally I think thats a pretty poor assortment of rumours, especially when you look at the difference between software version 1 and that of 2.0 with the App Store and what not, nope we don’t have a clue to be honest, Apple are either predictable like what they were at MacWorld 2009, or which is 80% of the time unpredictable, and Apple are also well known for not stating whether a rumour is true or false until it can become certain to all.

Friday 13th
Unlucky for some, I’m not superstitious, mainly because I’ve more important things to do rather than sit at home estimating when the planet will implode, seriously I’ve heard them all, never true. Today wasn’t really unlucky, today was more glum to be honest. Still now I feel something is missing that’s normally here on a Friday, I mean Friday’s are supposed to be my favourite day yet I find myself pretty disheartened by the whole day. I also just realized this second a delete shortcut on the Mac, if you press ‘Command’ then the delete key, if will delete an entire line of text, yeh! Anyway, back to the story. … I’ve even checked with others I’ve seen today and even they say that they are feeling abit low, is it Friday the 13th, I almost put 12 for some reason, or is it just a few college guys who had too much beers the other night, lost track of time and went to sleep about two hours before setting of to another day at college … you know you guess is as accurate as mine. One thing I did like about today was some tissues, bare with me on this. Sam has this awesome tissues that smell just awesome, he got me a pack of them and I don’t use them I just smell them, the only problem with that is I look like I’m probably doing drugs, but you know what, I’m cool with that. Imaging the embarrassment in rehab, Amy’s on Cannabis, Pete’s on Cocaine, Ben’s on an odd pack of tissues … yeh not cool.

Just to finish off, I found out today that Sony will be releasing another PSP pretty soon simply titled the PSP2. The device is said to be a slider and Sony are apparently gonna make it capable of playing PS1 games, which to me is just awesome, cause if you think about it they’re still some awesome PS1 games, such as Disco 2000, which I was never off, and I think there’s a Crash game which I recorded the theme on my phone and had as my ringtone.

Anyway no more today, thats all that mattered to me this gloomy 13th, E-Ya Later


SideNote : I could’ve sworn a girl winked at me today, and it was one of those, heh heh winks. I’m hoping you read them the way I wanted otherwise you may get a whole new idea on this, anyway Laters.

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