Blog Wednesday 11th March – YouTube Bans, iPod Shuffle ’09, and more!

YouTube axing music for UK Viewers!

I’m gonna start this blog with something annoying, and if you’re easily offended, look… well I’d say look away but your reading, err… skip a few lines. Basically the contract that Google signed in 2003 to allow music on their site, as well as most importantly YouTube, music videos I’m meaning obviously, hasn’t been renewed in the UK, according to a blog on YouTube’s website it’s because of the economic climate, but just read any news story on YouTube and I think you’ll find out that it’s actually a court order, how annoying is that!!! This is what you get, and what you will get on all music videos soon on YouTube! I’m telling you, might not think of it now, but you’ll miss it.
YouTube Banning UK
OK, yeh, they are others, biggest of which is french YouTube rival Dailymotion, plus many more, but YouTube is more than 5x more popular than Dailymotion and thats the most popular alternative, so yeh, big bad!

Apple announce new iPod Shuffle
What? Now, yeh, Apple today at 2:00PM UK time, updated their website displaying a big image displaying a small device, the new iPod Shuffle. Main features compared to the old one is that the controllers aren’t on the device other than shuffle, normal and off modes, all controls are on the earphones, which could be a problem when you want to replace them. The memory has been upped to 4GB which can only be a good thing, and it has a new feature which basically means, it talks to you, yeh, basically it reads out track names, albums and one thing which is probably the big reason for this is you can hear playlist names then play them, which before you were kinda guessing. One funny thing about ‘Voice Over’ which is what they call it, is that the voice is different varied on which type of computer you did the first sync with, on a Mac and a PC you get a different and surprise surprise, the Windows voice doesn’t sound as good as the Mac version, spite probably, although having said that text to speech is alot clearer on the Mac anyway.
You maybe wondering why now, well if you set you mind back to the music event last year, Apple introduced new versions of the following iPods, Touch, Nano and Classic, not a new Shuffle, so this is like the 17″ MacBook, a delayed but still pretty good product. Personally I’m disappointed Apple have stopped all their events, I mean this is perfect, new iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro and to finish off a shock announcement, a new iPod, would be perfect for an event, oh well!

Wow, with that title I bet your super ega to read on. As usual I’ve not much to announce, other than Selection 67 will come out on Sunday, yes even though YouTube are shutting their doors doesn’t mean we are. This week I decided that my next investment will be 4GB of DDR3 1066Mhz Ram, oo yeh my MacBook will love that, and if your still on the DDR2 range on your computer, 4GB of DDR3 is equivalent to 7GB of DDR2, yeaah baby! Also there’s no point trying either in a computer that originally had DDR2/3 etc because they will only work on native machines.
Other news, I joined MySpace, why? Well actually I originally joined to test out the iLife features which are linked quite alot with FaceBook and I must say they work very well indeed, but after getting numerous friend requests I think I’m gonna stick.
And I’m gonna end on a note, aarrr.

And there you have it, if I’ve missed something out that you know about feel free to comment, E-Ya Later


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