Blog Tuesday 27th January 2009 – Apple Secretly Updates White MacBook

MacBook White

Oh yes, the white MacBook has been looking pretty bleak since the new aluminium version, but Apple aren’t giving it up yet, they have secretly updated the old MacBook with a few small features which could of been the reason you recently got or wanted the aluminium version.

NVidia GeForce 9400M
Maybe this one was to be expected if they was to be an update, yes the MacBook both aluminium and plastic now have the NVidia graphics chip, meaning running Windows Vista/Windows 7 will be more stable within OSX or in Boot Camp, as well as games, advanced software and more, I think Apple may have mentioned its fulfillments.

2GB RAM standard
Yep, there’s also 2GB DDR2 RAM standard rather than 1GB which is again alot better, seen as what most people did when purchasing the white MacBook was purchase 2GB of RAM.

Unfortunately for UK customers out their, they’ve upped the price, not by alot, but it’s £719 which is still pretty good, but for US customers you can still advantage with the same $999. Actually if you configure the white MacBook to the highest RAM and Hard Drive and include a remote, it’s still cheaper than the aluminium 2.0GHz model, so yeh, if you can live without DDR3 RAM, aluminium unibody, the trackpad and gestures, oh and you still want Firewire 400 and a mini-DVI slot, this is the update you’ve been wanting to see.


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