iPhone/iPod Touch App Review: Subway Shuffle


Price: £1.79 (Free version also available with less levels ‘Subway Shuffle Lite)

First impressions have never been a good thing for me, and that sticks with this game, it looks very plain and boring, which maybe a reason why it might not be very well known, but getting into it, it suddenly becomes addictive, in the £1.79 version you get 85 levels prior to 10 in the free one, its worth the money to me though as it packs hours of game play and whilst sometimes being frustrating, its still very good and challenges the brain!


Basically, you need to get the red bus icon into the also red circle, but the challenge arrises when you realize that each colour circle can only be moved on the line (or track in this case) that matches its colour. Sounds simple right, wrong, you just try and complete this baby in a week, tough!

Rating: rating4.5

‘Very long gameplay, enjoyable but can get frustrating as the levels pass!’

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