Blog Tuesday 16th December 2008

This week I found out two things that connect perfectly with each other, nope not me and another girl (Darn it), but the combination of my bank balance and the Apple Store when you login to college. Oh yes, if you goto the Apple Store you can visit the Education Store and save about 5%, which in most cases works out about £70 saving, which don’t get me wrong is good, but not good enough to notice in a £1125 product. But if you logged into a college or university, you get alot bigger reductions*, the MacBook suddenly is no longer a £1000+ product, oh yes, its just short over £900, yep, you heard correctly, even though your reading so err… you read err… correct.
This is just great, I mean I’ve got nearly £1000 planned so that means I’ll have abit of leftovers you could say, unfortunately though I am talking about the future a tad, February to be precise. I was originally gonna get it with christmas presents, but that would mean getting it monthly, ughh, plus Macworld in January, so February is quite tactical as well as a tad better, I mean its better getting the payments done in one blop!
I don’t know why I said blop either.
Monday onwards
Anywho back to the story, I have to say if the normally the worst day of the week turns out to be alright, that can only be a good sign can’t it? Mondays are the only day in which I’ve to endure an entire day of it, 9 well half bloody four, but this Monday actually wasn’t that bad, I have to say Lee (who I have for two consecutive lessons on Monday) is growing on me, he’s a really cool guy when you get to know him, no really he is, both lessons we have him for in which are graphics and web he is helpful and clear, unlike Andrew which is surprising as Andrew is the course leader, hmm, something’s not right there is it. Then after a dinner break in which I’ll get back to, we have Maths, seen as most of us are doing the level we are because of maths. Maths teachers tend to be pretty rubbish, in fact ever since that teacher in Whitcliffe Mount, apart from him calling me “HansomBen” was very nice, in college we have err, sorry forgot his name, but err.. he’s alright, does his job … which he should stick to and not go into comedy, say no more. Then we have keyskills which after the presentation is good as well. In this lesson we had to review everyone’s presentation which was fun, “Who’s was the best?”, a guy called Ashley, he’s one of those people that are just … cool. “Who’s was the worst?”, without a question, Jonathons, his presentation was presented badly, which I could accept, but nothing at all in it was correct, eh, did you know Tim Berners-Lee created Windows, nope, neither did I, guess Bill Gates and co at Microcrap (Microsoft) were lying. So there you have it on that one.
Over to today, now Tuesdays never really are interesting days, we have spreadsheets and databases, yeh … great, these are probably the two most nerdy crap subjects there is, and anyone who enjoys either is a nerd! But I’ve got to pass them all to get through so yeh. Luckily today Jonathan wasn’t here, which would have been great if that was Monday but on a Tuesday it didn’t seem to have the same effect and tomorrow he’ll probably be back so really his absence hasn’t taken any effect, and whilst I’m on the subject I move over to Sam. Sam is getting obsessed, literally obsessed with Jonathon, I don’t care if he denies it cause he does, and if you look at everyone who he’s talking to when saying it you can tell that’s what their thinking as well as shut up.
The only problem I have with Sam is he’s very over-reactive, as in taking things waaay to seriously and he’s starting to really annoy me, so just let it die Sam basically. Which reminds me, on the way home today, their was this guy at the bus stop, who asked what time it was and was just generally chatting away, OK, he hugged us, but it was one of those, yo hugs, Sam obviously took it too far again on the bus afterwards but that one I’ll let him off for a bit as it was pretty freaky!

Thats it E-Ya Later


*These reductions only apply for Apple Mac computers, not for iPod, iPhone or any other product or software.

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