The all new MacBooks!!! err WOo!

Apple have given us alot in the past few years and its not since just a little tint was done to the MacBook Pro to make it tad thinner, but now its time for business, these babies mean it!


Above is the regular white MacBook, made of plastic, which will still be available starting at £719, with 2.1Ghz, same configurations. But thats not what were here for…

…That is, the new MacBook, made of one block of aluminium with a clean black finish to the glass screen which is finally LED backlite, but thats not all thats glass, check out the trackpad, no button, not even the one, thats because not only has, first to the MacBook is their Multi-Touch gesters, but the click is within the pad, oh yes, it even dips down a bit assuring you of that click, plus I think this will be the end of the trackpad problem of ware and tair from the older MacBooks, especially the black one, which is discontinued. Just one thing, have you always hated the fact that the regular MacBook can’t play, DirectX 10 games in Windows, or Final Cut Studio, no more, the Intel GMA is history and it now has still embedded, but NVidia GForce 256MB graphics, oh yes, powerful!!!

MacBook Pro

But MacBook isn’t the only one to be spouted up a knot, yep the MacBook Pro has as well, firstly take a look at the current MacBook Pro. Now, like the MacBook, the old MacBook Pro is available still as an option, but only the 17″ one, but standard features are 4GB RAM and 512MB NVidia graphics and at 2.5Ghz with an option of 2.6Ghz! But thats not what were here for either…

…This is, the MacBook Pro. Some maybe disappointed that only the 15″ has been changed but according to Apple, the 17″ wasn’t very popular, people were just plugging in monitors, which will be mentioned later! As you can see, it is a bigger face of the MacBook, same look and same elegence. Glass screen, LED backlite, glass trackpad with gesters, but packaging what the Pro has always given you, pro standard configurations. Upto 512MB graphics, 4GB RAM, 320GB Hard Drive, 2.8Ghz processor of Intel Core 2 Duo, Quad expected 2009, no matter how you configure it, as Steve Jobs would say, “these things are screamers!!!”

Changing the subject just a tad, just take a look at this for a short minute

Yep, the famous Apple cinema displays, now have a new version made specifically to match the new MacBook (Pro) design, same sizes and price, but just check them out! WOO!

Check out for more information on these products, E-Ya Later

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