Keane hit the UK Top 40 with a song not even official, album news and more!

Keane released Spiralling as a download only from and now is available from usual download platforms such as iTunes etc and has actually reached 28 in the UK Top 40 even though its not an official single. Keane are going to release their first official single called ‘The Lovers Are Losing’ in September sometime and rumours tell they’ve recently finished the music video!

Whilst Keane news is hot we might as well put the icing on the cake as it were, here is the new Keane album tracklisting!


2.The Lovers Are Losing

3.Better Than This

4,You Haven’t Told Me Anything

5.Perfect Symmetry

6.You Don’t See Me

7.Again And Again

8.Playing Along

9.Pretend That Your Alone

10.Black Burning Heart

11.Love Is The End

We can’t wait for the album and the single The Lovers Are Losing will be released as a single on October 20th, I know abit far off but lets hope its worth it eh! We find it strange because the album is released October 13th, what are you planning Keane, guess they don’t care as much about single sales! But you have to get the singles to get the B-Sides!

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