Who are Protocol? – Download Full Back Catalogue


To get all Protocols back catalogue now;

All Protocol songs are available to download from RKUK Media, click the Play button at the left side of what you want. You can both play and download all songs!

Rules of Engagement

The unreleased album by Protocol


Protocol b-sides from the two released singles.

Acoustic Session (Provided by Virgin Radio)

Acoustic live performances of some songs of Protocols.

Remixes of two Protocol songs
We would appreciate any feedback of what you think of these songs, and thanks to Virgin Radio for allowing distribution of the acoustic session.”


Protocol is a band from the UK who hit the scene in mid-2005 with She Waits For Me and then Wheres The Pleasure, both great songs and then they were for some reason dropped by Polydor before the third single Love Is My Drug or album Rules Of Engagement could be released, I remember being very annoyed but recently alot of Protocol content as been found on torrent sites and the web in general and I’m pilling every song I find, which so far are very high quality on the RKUK Online Protocol MP3ME page at [[[linkdead]]]

So far I’ve 7 tracks, 3 in which were going to be on the album Rules Of Engagement, still loads to be discovered, here are the list with info;

Beautiful Girlfriend – Found on YTube, owner sent mp3

Deborah – B-Side to Wheres The Pleasure

Love Is My Drug – Found luckily on torrent, torrent was deleted next day, just got it!

She Waits For Me – First single, easily found.

Sorry – B-Side to She Waits For Me

Those Things I Do – Found on someones website!

Wheres The Pleasure – Second single, again easily found.

Seen as none are copyrite anymore, you can download the lot on this bottom link, Ok their .WMA (Windows Media files) but easily convertable!

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