Have you ever gone out with someone just to say your going out with someone!!!

We all know after about ten minutes of being together with a boy/girl friend if its going to work out, first impressions mean a lot and sometimes determine if a relationship will be a weeker or a monther or longer!!!
Whats your style;
1. do you wait for the right person to come, act like you don’t care about relationships until THE ONE arrives
2. Are you a “oo look he’s/she’s single, haven’t gone out with anyone for atleast 24hrs, lets go out with them” who dumps them when a next offering arrives
3. Something else, please comment your something else I’m sure I and many others would love to know, best answer will be read out on The Show Live!!!



Published by Ben

My name is Ben and I'm an extreem randomist and I think because of this all my friends are too. In spare time I make videos with friends on YT and more for RKUK Online. It's all epic!

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